The MOST (Moderated Online Social Therapy) project is a collaboration between:

It comes under the umbrella of eOrygen, the new e-mental health branch of Orygen.

The project involves designing, building and testing a range of moderated online social therapies for young people with mental health conditions, as well as their parents and carers. We look at the following questions:

  1. Efficacy of online therapy: do the clinical benefits of specialized face-to-face youth mental health programs extend into long-term improvements through online psychosocial intervention?
  2. Technology design: how can we best design and implement engaging technology in for young people with mental-ill health?
  3. How can advanced computational and artificial intelligence (AI) methods be employed to supplement the support provided by moderators/clinicians and automate user-tailored therapy with a view to scaling up usage of the MOST model and platform?

See our People page for a list of our team members.

We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Victorian Government (Department of Health), the Telstra Foundation, the Telematics Trust, the Helen MacPherson Trust, the Institute for a Broadband Society at the University of Melbourne, Orygen Youth Health Research Centre, and the Australian Catholic University.