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What is MOST?

MOST is a digital therapy service designed to help young people who are going through a challenging time. It provides online tools and support to help you get back on track with the things that matter – like friends, mental health, work and study.

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How MOST works

MOST provides on-demand support to young people experiencing mental ill-health.
It has small bites of proven therapeutic content, cartoons, activities and practical strategies that work – all available online, when and where they’re needed. MOST also offers, safe, moderated online community discussions, and access to clinical and vocational experts and peers – so you have real people to talk to and helpful information you can work through in your own time.

Where can I find MOST?

MOST is available through participating youth mental health services in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. It’s available to young people whether or not you stay with the service for an episode of care. It also works in with face-to-face sessions, in between appointments and when stepping down from care.

MOST is designed to give immediate support as early as possible in someone’s help-seeking journey, wherever you are in the mental health system.

Once you have your MOST account, download the new MOST app on Google Play and the App Store and make it even easier to access digital mental health support when you need it! 

MOST enables real-life recovery for young people

MOST enhances face-to-face care for clinicians

MOST extends access to quality care for youth mental health services

Good news – the MOST app is here! 

You’ll need a MOST account from a participating headspace or specialist service to access the app.

Find out if there’s a service offering MOST near you.