Download a little extra mental health support

MOST is a free digital therapy service for young people aged 15-25

MOST provides on-demand support to young people experiencing mental ill-health. It  connects them to a blend of online tools and real support from real people. 

Between now and 31st January 2024, young people can sign themselves up to MOST. 

Developed by youth mental health leader Orygen, in partnership with young people, MOST is backed by 12+ years of clinical research dedicated to exploring technology’s ability to improve youth mental health access and outcomes. 

Usually available by referral through 160+ headspace and specialist mental health services, we’re testing direct sign up as a new way to put MOST in the hands of more young people who need it.

How MOST works

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MOST has small bites of proven therapeutic content, cartoons, activities and practical tips that work – all available online, when and where they’re needed. 

Direct sign-up gives access to all MOST has to offer including:

  • real support from real people — like our clinicians, vocational experts and peer support team in line with Orygen’s clinical governance standards
  • proven strategies and resources for challenging times, and
  • a safe, moderated community of young people to draw on for extra support (although they’ll need to request access to this as an extra safety measure).

And young people can stay on for as long as they need — or until they turn 26!

The MOST app is available through Google Play and the Apple App Store, and for easy sign up, we’ve got a digital postcard you can share.